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I used to struggle in the early days when I began readings for friends and family. I was very conscious of "getting it right", questioning all the information spirit was sending me. All it boiled down to was confidence and self belief. I spent more time filtering and breaking down the information myself instead of believing in myself. I know even from past experiences, whatever situation or opportunities l had before in my life, I never had the confidence to break through and do something I wanted for myself. 



Now a few years on working as a psychic medium and fine tuning the gifts that I have been given gratefully, it has definitely turned my life around for the better. Working with the spirit world is still a magical experience for me. It teaches me so much with love, kindness and comfort and many other blessings thrown in. This is certainly something that I would love to share.




Looking back at my life, I believe I had always been sensitive to the spirit world. But the timing wasn't right for me to progress any further into mediumship. I would say it all started 6 years ago when my uncle had passed over. I guess that's when I became truly awake to the spirit world. It was a "light switch" moment for me.



That was the time when I became aware of the wonderful light beings around me, the ones that have been helping me ever since. This then led me to develop my skills further by learning Reiki and mediumship, as well as monthly visits to a psychic development group. I have to say my life has never been the same since.





Readings In-person


Glen is now available for one to one readings. Each reading consists of either a 30, 40 or 50 minute sitting. Glen has worked with the Angelic Realm for a while now and is completely guided by them. Glen also uses Angelic oracle cards in a majority of his readings as a tool to receive messages from the spirit world. Whether you require guidance, past life information, prediction or a message from a loved one, Glen has faith in the spirit world coming through with Divine messages.

Contact Glen to make a booking.


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Email Readings


Email readings are great for those who cannot travel and visit Glen for his one to one readings. Glen has always been guided by the spirit world and knows there are no limitations to how far a message can travel in order to reach the person being read.


Your email readings will consist of pictures of your oracle cards and a description of how they relate to you. Please visit the bottom of the page for contact details.



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Reiki Treatments


The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words "Rei" meaning God wisdom/Universal and "Ki" meaning life force. As a Reiki practitioner, Glen channels the Reiki healing energy from the divine through his body towards the client. In Glen's experience, Reiki works on so many levels helping the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human body but to name a few. Treatment times available are 30 or 60 minute sessions.


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Distance Reiki Treatments


Distance Reiki treatments are performed in the same way as normal Reiki treatments, just without the client being present. The only difference is that Glen uses a distance Reiki symbol so that the Reiki healing energy knows to travel.

Once a date and time has been established, you may prepare a space where you could relax and not be disturbed. Please feel free to contact Glen for more information.


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